Mid-Term Election Recap

November 29, 2018


Hi everyone. This is Crayton Webb, Owner and CEO of Sunwest Communications. Gonna do something a little bit different today. Instead of two minutes of advice, we’ve got two minutes of insight. Sunwest has just launched our Public Affairs Department so we are helping our clients and friends of the firm develop relationships with elected officials on the local, state, and national levels. So to kick off this new practice area, we recently hosted a forum, a midterm election recap featuring two members of the Texas House of Representatives: Representative Morgan Meyer, a Republican who was reelected, and representative Chris Turner, a Democrat who was also re-elected. Representative Turner happens to be the chair of the Democratic caucus in the Texas House of Representatives. For purposes of today, because so much of our LinkedIn audience is national, we’re really gonna focus on their insights nationally and the big surprise – the big takeaway – from Representative Turner and Representative Meyer: No surprises in this particular election. Let me tell you why. First, they said everyone was expecting a blue wave or a red wave, and the fact is that neither came. The Republicans held the Senate. The Democrats took majority in the House of Representatives. Not a wave by most definitions. Second, their point was not a big surprise that the Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives. Particularly in a midterm election, it is not unusual for the opposing party of the current President to take the lead and become the majority in the House. That happened, of course, in previous administrations, Bush and Clinton. But the third was a big surprise, and that was turnout, turnout, turnout. Huge numbers. Not just in Dallas, Texas, not just in Texas, but around the country. Lots of people came to vote – both Democrats and Republicans. So the question will be how that will impact the presidential election in 2020, who will show up to vote – the Democrats and the Republicans and how will that impact the race for the White House. So that is two minutes of insight today from Sunwest Communications and we’ll see you next time. Thanks, have a great day.

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