Our Interns

The Intern Experience

At Sunwest, our philosophy on interns is simple: jump in and get as much experience as you can. Our interns are exposed to the full scope of agency life – from pitching media to team happy hours, and everything in between.

The role includes, but is not limited to, the following assignments:

  • Assist with media relations efforts through developing contact lists, writing pitches, making follow-up contact to secure coverage, and collecting and reporting coverage
  • Generate strategies and content for agency and client social media initiatives
  • Contribute general event, program and special project support
  • Conduct research for client work and new business opportunities
  • Participate in brainstorming and staff meetings
  • Regularly meet with assigned mentor

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidate is a talented upper-level college student or recent graduate with the following qualifications:

  • A strong work ethic and interest in public relations or communications

  • Experience in today’s digital/social media landscape

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Attention to detail and deadlines

  • Strong presentation skills, poise and professionalism



Before starting at Sunwest, I didn’t have much public relations experience besides what I learned in college. Crayton graciously gave me an opportunity for the internship, and I knew I couldn’t turn it down and I’m so glad I didn’t. Not only have I grown professionally but I have also built relationships that are indispensable. There is a reason the Sunwest team is called a family. The environment at Sunwest is extremely nurturing and encouraging. I can’t imagine a better place to grow, learn and be challenged. I’ve grown in my knowledge and skills in the public relations industry and I now feel equipped to further my career no matter where it takes me. From working with real estate clients to beauty clients, I learned so much about the industries and how things work. The team truly trusted me with important tasks and projects that I can look back on and feel proud of. I owe a huge thank you to the Sunwest family for caring for me and challenging me at the start of my career. I’m extremely grateful that I was able to experience such growth in such a fun-loving atmosphere.

- Sarah Spence, 2019 Intern

Being an intern at Sunwest has given me an opportunity to learn and grow as a professional in ways that I had not considered when I began this internship. Not only have I gained experience in working with a wide variety of clients, but more importantly, I have learned what type of culture I want to be surrounded by. Sunwest’s culture is what sets them apart from every other company. Here, the Sunwest team is a family. They care about you as an employee and as a person. They want you to grow into the professional they know you can be, and they foster this by letting you make and learn from your mistakes, ask questions and take initiative on projects. At Sunwest, I know that I am supported to learn how to do my job well. For this being my first internship in a corporate setting, Sunwest has set the bar very high for any future company I have the opportunity to work for, and I am extremely thankful for all I have learned during my time here.

- Jordan Gundersen, 2019 Intern

From the second I walked in the door of Sunwest on the first day of my summer internship, I immediately knew it would be a place where I would be challenged but also nurtured and taught. Looking back on this first impression, I realize that my experience with this company exceeded what I could have expected. Throughout my twelve weeks, I got the chance to genuinely learn from the team as I got to work on projects from all different sectors, including nonprofit, real estate, beauty, consumer, and corporate. The team assigned tasks and projects in which I had a lot of responsibility and therefore got tons of valuable hands-on learning. My time at Sunwest held many meetings with my company mentor and other executives who had a true desire to teach me and leave me with knowledge that I can carry into my future. The Sunwest team resembles a family both in the way that they care for each other and their clients, which is definitely something I desire in a work environment. It was an incredible experience getting to intern for Sunwest Communications and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Alex Drummond, 2018 Summer Intern

When I started the internship program at Sunwest, I was new to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It was evident from the first few weeks that I not only found an agency that would teach me the skills needed for a successful career in public relations, but also an agency that offered support during a big life transition. Throughout my internship, I was provided with invaluable guidance from each person a part of the Sunwest family. They took the time to share their knowledge and expertise, which I was able to use to help tackle the challenging and fast-paced environment of a public relations agency. Every morning, I was excited to get in the office. I knew each day would bring new challenges, but that also meant each day would bring new skills to gain. I want to thank Sunwest for investing in my future. I know I will keep the skills and experiences I have gained from the internship program no matter where my career takes me.

- Lauren Caracciolo, 2018 Summer/Fall Intern

I came to Sunwest with some agency experience already under my belt. But Sunwest blew my expectations away. It’s an agency, a family and a learning environment all in one. Each person is a pro at what they do but they’re also humble and eager to learn from others, including their interns. That kind of environment made me feel very valued and welcomed. During my time as an intern, I got to work on projects for a wide range of clients and was encouraged to speak up if I wanted to try my hand at something new. Along the way, I was given guidance and feedback that helped me grow professionally and personally. My internship made me fall more in love with my career choice, and for that, I’m incredibly grateful.

- Shaelyn Stone, 2018 Fall Intern

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