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The Intern Experience

At Sunwest, our philosophy on interns is simple: jump in and get as much experience as you can. Our interns are exposed to the full scope of agency life – from pitching media to team happy hours, and everything in between.

The role includes, but is not limited to, the following assignments:

  • Assist with media relations efforts through developing contact lists, writing pitches, making follow-up contact to secure coverage, and collecting and reporting coverage
  • Generate strategies and content for agency and client social media initiatives
  • Contribute general event, program and special project support
  • Conduct research for client work and new business opportunities
  • Participate in brainstorming and staff meetings
  • Regularly meet with assigned mentor

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidate is a talented upper-level college student or recent graduate with the following qualifications:

  • A strong work ethic and interest in public relations or communications

  • Experience in today’s digital/social media landscape

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Attention to detail and deadlines

  • Strong presentation skills, poise and professionalism



Post grad is a time of opportunity and unknown. Sunwest has poured a foundation for my career to come. During my Fall internship I was encouraged to jump right in and really contribute in a meaningful way. From brainstorming to completing finishing details, I was walked through projects fully, which provided meaning for every assignment.

The nurturing environment curated by the leadership team has allowed me to learn new skills and apply them on the job. Having a background in digital marketing, much of PR was largely unfamiliar to me. I can confidently say that Sunwest has given me tools for my belt to help me prepare for the rest of my career.

- Reagan Hunter

As a rising senior in college, I’ve been extremely blessed to have my internship at Sunwest Communications. Before my internship, I had very little public relations experience. However, the amazing leadership at Sunwest was eager to help me learn. Throughout my 12 weeks, I had the opportunity to work with 30 different clients and learn about seemingly every industry under the sun.

The culture of Sunwest Communications is unlike any other place I’ve worked in the past. Everyone’s experience and insight are valued regardless of the situation. The lighthearted environment promotes collaboration and excellence, and I felt a genuine sense of belonging after only 12 weeks with the company.

After finishing my internship, it’s an honor to continue working with Sunwest during my last two semesters at college, and I have made incredible friendships with top-tier professionals and top-tier people. My internship was a great learning experience and is an opportunity I will cherish forever.

- Reid McEowen

Following college graduation, my biggest hope was that I would land at a place where I could continue learning and growing professionally. I am so glad I found that at Sunwest. I was surrounded by a group of hard-working, bright and gracious mentors. I learned so much about the Public Relations field and was constantly inspired by the successes of my team.

Though I was typically the youngest person in the room, my voice was always heard and respected by the most senior people in the room. I was invited to every meeting I could attend and encouraged to take on as many projects as possible. Because of this, I was able to work with a variety of clients and I never stopped learning.

Beyond all of the things I learned, I also had fun with the team. I felt encouraged and valued during my internship and I enjoyed going to work every day. I am so grateful for my experience with this incredible group and feel so lucky to have landed here after college.

- Caroline Barksdale

From the time I interviewed with Sunwest Communications, I knew they were unlike any other agency. It was clear that they were a group of professionals and a family. I moved to Dallas two weeks after I graduated from college to start my internship at Sunwest and the team immediately made me feel at home. They provided excellent training and made sure I felt like a valued part of the team. I worked with a variety of clients around the DFW Metroplex which quickly allowed me to get involved in the community. I worked in different core practice areas and was able to discover what my interests were. I loved building meaningful relationships with clients and I was always excited to go to work. This experience pushed me outside of my comfort zone and taught me so much about my industry and myself. My internship was a confirmation that I chose the right career path and I cannot thank the amazing Sunwest team enough!

- Alicia King

From the second I walked in the door of Sunwest on the first day of my summer internship, I immediately knew it would be a place where I would be challenged but also nurtured and taught. Looking back on this first impression, I realize that my experience with this company exceeded what I could have expected. Throughout my twelve weeks, I got the chance to genuinely learn from the team as I got to work on projects from all different sectors, including nonprofit, real estate, beauty, consumer, and corporate. The team assigned tasks and projects in which I had a lot of responsibility and therefore got tons of valuable hands-on learning. My time at Sunwest held many meetings with my company mentor and other executives who had a true desire to teach me and leave me with knowledge that I can carry into my future. The Sunwest team resembles a family both in the way that they care for each other and their clients, which is definitely something I desire in a work environment. It was an incredible experience getting to intern for Sunwest Communications and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Alex Drummond

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