Our Interns

The Intern Experience

At Sunwest, our philosophy on interns is simple: jump in and get as much experience as you can. Our interns are exposed to the full scope of agency life – from pitching media to team happy hours, and everything in between.

The role includes, but is not limited to, the following assignments:

  • Assist with media relations efforts through developing contact lists, writing pitches, making follow-up contact to secure coverage, and collecting and reporting coverage
  • Generate strategies and content for agency and client social media initiatives
  • Contribute general event, program and special project support
  • Conduct research for client work and new business opportunities
  • Participate in brainstorming and staff meetings
  • Regularly meet with assigned mentor

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidate is a talented upper-level college student or recent graduate with the following qualifications:

  • A strong work ethic and interest in public relations or communications

  • Experience in today’s digital/social media landscape

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Attention to detail and deadlines

  • Strong presentation skills, poise and professionalism



“Many people think that an internship is a chance for the company to evaluate you, but it’s also a way for you to evaluate the company. You get to experience the culture, clients and variety of tasks before you have to make a commitment. As an intern I was instantly welcomed into the Sunwest family, and always felt more like part of the team than a coffee-runner. Throughout my internship I was included on projects that provided me with invaluable experiences and learning opportunities for both public relations and general professional development. Sunwest makes it a priority to invest in all employees from their first day until their last. When I got the offer to become a full-time employee, I knew that I would be working with a company and people that I loved, and it was the easiest decision I ever made.”

- Emily Wingate, 2016 Intern

“The internship program at Sunwest provided an opportunity to apply the knowledge I learned throughout college and develop skills that lay the foundation for a successful public relations career. With excellent mentorship and guidance from senior-level staff, I was able to jump right into the challenging and fast-paced environment that encompasses the agency. Looking back, I can’t imagine a smoother transition into the workforce and am grateful to Sunwest for investing in my future then and continuing to do so now.”

- Kristen Carter, 2014 Intern

Interested in an Internship?

To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to Maggie Holley.

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