Mid-Term Election Recap

November 29, 2018

Mid-Term Election Recap

Sunwest Communications has launched our Government Relations practice, which means we help clients develop relationships with elected officials on the local, state and national levels. We recently hosted a forum featuring two members of the Texas House of Representatives: Representative Morgan Meyer, a Republican who was re–elected, and representative Chris Turner, a Democrat who was also re-elected.

Chris Turner

Representative Turner is the chair of the Democratic caucus in the Texas House of Representatives, serving the people of District 101 in Tarrant County. He places emphasis on expanding education opportunities for young Texans, increasing affordable health care access, improving economic well-being of Texans and broadening civic participation.

Morgan Meyer

Morgan Meyer serves as Chair of the House General Investigating Committee, the Public Education Committee and Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Committees. He is a family-driven education, school finance and fiscal responsibility leader. Meyer represents a district that includes Downtown Dallas, Uptown Dallas, East Dallas, Preston Hollow, the City of University Park and the Town of Highland Park.

Election Recap

In honor of the new addition, here is a quick recap of the midterm election. During the forum, Representative Turner and Representative Meyer noted that there were no surprises in this particular election. They said everyone was expecting a blue wave or a red wave, but neither came and the Republicans held the Senate. The Democrats took majority in the House of Representatives. It is not unusual, particularly in a midterm election, for the opposing party of the current President to take the lead and become the majority in the House.

The biggest surprise of the election was the exceptional turnout, not only in Dallas, but around the country. Both Democrats and Republicans came out to vote. The question is, how will this impact the presidential election in 2020? Who will show up to vote and how will that impact the race for the White House?

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