Get your Product Featured Online or in Print for the Holidays

July 22, 2020

Christmas in July: How to Get Your Product Featured Online or in Print

Melodie ElliottSenior Managing Director

It might sound like a simple task, but there’s actually quite a bit to consider when attempting to get your product featured online or in print – especially for the holidays.

Often thought of as a clever retail gimmick to cajole consumers into making purchases in the summer, “Christmas in July” can be chalked up to a ploy for attention. In the case of consumer public relations initiatives, this catch-phrase is really about planning ahead to meet the needs of editors who must compile their holiday gift guides MONTHS before Q4. If you are thinking about how to get your product featured online or in a magazine (or other publication), NOW (during the summer months) is the time to send to media. With decades of experience, Sunwest has a few tips on how to secure earned, editorial holiday coverage. Keep the following in mind to ensure you see your product featured online or in print this holiday season.

Plan ahead.

Summertime means holiday planning for editorial staff. Don’t wait until October to gather your materials. Editorial staff work 6 months in advance. An easy way to remember it is June = December coverage. January = June coverage. Editors cull through copious new products, make their selections and create their editorial themed spotlights well in advance. Typically, their bosses want to see a reporter’s gift-giving round-up features three months before they go to publication. This goes for both print and online coverage.

Picture it.

Make sure you have your packaging ready to take a great branded product shot on a white background. This helps the editor place it in an editorial spread without visual clutter of a background. But you also want to have either a usage/application shot of the product or “1,2,3 how-to” photos to help visually encapsulate the benefit of the product.

Photography resolution matters.

Editorial requirements call for 300 dpi, high-resolution photos for consideration. Avoid pixelated photos and unrealistic angles. Consider working with a professional photographer. Sunwest often helps our clients with making a shot list and facilitating photography sessions. Trust us – it’s worth the investment. ROI for high-quality photos is leveraged through usages for website content, retailer needs and social media posts.

Pristine messaging.

Remember the old adage KISS? It stood for “Keep It Simple St#p!d.” (We don’t like the last word, but you get the drift.) Your product and its differentiation should be provided in a 75-word description. That is typically the max number of words an editor can allot for a description when your product is featured online or in print. We help our clients get to succinct messaging for this short description to ensure the most important elements are highlighted.

Proper availability.

Be sure your team is ready to fulfill orders from a reputable source. This can be through your own distribution, on Amazon or a retail partner. The editors will want a reputable website and MSRP for your product to share in their gift-giving round-up. Affordable products under $25, $50 and $100 are typical editorial themes each year.

With these elements in hand, a seasoned PR team with editorial savvy and relationships can help ensure your product is featured online or in print. The third-party credibility achieved in getting this coverage is well worth the reasonable PR investment. The editor acts as a product tester and reviewer on your behalf. Consumers appreciate seeing products that an editor has validated. And, at the bottom line, securing holiday coverage is a gift that keeps on giving, literally. Consumers will be looking for new, unique gift ideas. Making the editorial cut in a trusted editorial outlet means that you can increase your organic search in the ever-important Google algorithm. Seeing your offering can help increase awareness and traffic that leads to a purchase.

Even if you don’t make Oprah’s annual Favorite Things list that is unveiled every November, you can move your engagement and awareness needle.

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