Our Team

SPOTLIGHT: Melodie Elliott


Quickly sizing up a situation & building relationships

Watching Bravo & The Real Housewives franchises

Personal Mantra
The Golden Rule really is my guiding mantra and litmus test for how to approach things. In life, media relations or client service, treating the other person how you would want to be treated is a guiding principle. I try to over communicate and keep folks in the loop whether there is good, bad or indifferent news. A foundation of truthful communication can never be the wrong way to go.

If I had my own late night talk show, my first guest would be
P!nk. She is so talented & I love her evolving perspective now that she is a mom. She’s the right amount of serious & sass with talent.

I’m happiest when
I’m listening to music and dancing – typically I can’t do one without the other.

Best Part of Working at Sunwest
Our unique comradery. We genuinely care about each other and our clients. I think that shows in the longevity we have both in terms of staff and tenure of clients.