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Sunwest Spotlight: Ginger Greenberg

desk with open magazine showing Ginger Greenberg and her children


Dallas native Ginger Greenberg is Senior Managing Director and General Counsel at Sunwest Communications. That basically means she keeps clients and Sunwesters alike on the right track.Sunwest Communications employee Ginger Greenberg and her family

Ginger has been with Sunwest since 2018 and her extensive knowledge and wisdom reach across all areas of the communication business. She is incredibly generous with her time, volunteering with a variety of local organizations. We are thankful for how Ginger leads by example in all she does!

How do you start your workday?
I spend a few minutes stretching, grab some coffee and check the news from overnight.

What is your favorite aspect of PR?
I love interesting challenges that we can work to resolve every day with creativity and persistence.

Where do you currently volunteer?
Lake Highlands High School – PTA 1st VP; Merriman Park Elementary – PTA Community Liaison; Richardson Adult Literacy Center – Board Member; Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas – Volunteer and Troop Leader; Lake Highlands Women’s League – Member; and Young Men’s Service League – Member and Mentor.

What’s the next place on your travel bucket list?
Alaskan Cruise

What’s your least favorite chore?
LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (We’ll have to confirm, but it seems like Ginger doesn’t like laundry.)