Our Team

Maggie Holley

Senior Managing Director

Maggie Holley is a senior public relations strategist specializing in corporate and stakeholder communications. A strong believer in a tailored approach, Maggie works to develop custom public relations strategies focused on identifying, engaging and impacting key audiences. Since joining Sunwest in 2009, she has helped clients achieve their visibility goals through B2B and B2C communications programs, media strategy planning and outreach, internal communications and thought leadership campaigns. As a leader on Sunwest’s crisis and issues management team, she has also navigated clients through a number of communications challenges. A generalist at heart, Maggie has spent time working across practice areas in the commercial real estate, architecture, nonprofit, consumer product, retail, education, direct selling, accounting, restaurant, banking and oil & gas industries. Today, she focuses efforts on Sunwest’s growing beauty and fashion practice helping new and established brands alike tell their unique business stories to the industry and consumers. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from the University of Georgia.

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