Social Media Growth for CRE Client


In concert with a larger public relations and marketing partnership, a Dallas-based commercial real estate company engaged Sunwest Communications to grow and optimize its LinkedIn presence, utilizing an organic-only strategy. In addition to increasing general online visibility with their most important stakeholders, the client sought to generate increased engagements and new followers to ultimately develop meaningful relationships and business leads.


Sunwest developed a comprehensive LinkedIn strategy and plan that aligned with the company’s larger business goals. We worked closely with the client to ensure we were able to execute on timely/unplanned content (team celebrations, office culture, etc.) in addition to creating a proactive content calendar focused on thought leadership opportunities, media hits and major business transactions. Additionally, Sunwest provided the client with actionable insights through monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting.


Over an 18-month period, Sunwest organically grew the client’s LinkedIn impressions by 1,398% and engagements by 1,624%. Analyzing content reporting was key to achieving this growth, as we continuously adjusted our content strategy to align with what resonated with the client’s key audiences.

Through tailored and thoughtful content and strategic page invitations, Sunwest also increased the client’s followers by over 600%, securing nearly 1,400 new followers organically.

Additionally, Sunwest increased employee engagement and participation through frequent email prompts to interact with and submit content.

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