10-Year Report


Sunwest was tasked with showcasing the 10-year history and impact of the foundation in a creative and comprehensive way to be presented to internal staff and board members.


Following the foundation’s guidelines, Sunwest drafted and designed a book detailing the initial establishment of the foundation and its impact on the community over ten years. The project included drafting personal letters from the board and staff, researching and gathering data to confirm foundation impact, drafting all 100+ pages of copy including the search and selection of photos, and design of the entire book including custom infographics and visuals.


The book was such a huge hit when it was presented to the staff and board that the founders wanted to share it with business partners. Sunwest revised the book to eliminate personal and proprietary information so it could be widely distributed. A digital version of the entire report is now featured on the foundation’s website as its 10-year impact book.

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