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Knowing the launch of the new line of evaporative coolers would be a pivotal point in distinguishing the brand among automotive and industrial audiences, Portacool partnered with Sunwest to ensure effective marketing communications and media relations.


Sunwest first developed fundamental and foundational messaging to inform the content of all communications initiatives surrounding the launch, including press materials such as an announcement release and individual fact sheets. Each product description was meticulously crafted to effectively communicate the product purpose and superiority among competitors while also meeting the editorial requirements for new product sections of critical trade publications. In addition to developing the strategic messaging and content, Sunwest coordinated tradeshow appearances within the targeted industries from HVAC to automotive industry and sent products to key editors and automotive TV influencers for their trial and usage.


The efforts garnered highly-targeted and coveted coverage on television shows such as Counts Kustoms on the History Channel and Vegas Rat Rods on the Discovery Channel, where products were featured at each automotive shop. Additionally, the line received coverage among well-respected outlets such as Popular Mechanics and automotive magazines followed by car enthusiasts.

“We rely on Sunwest Communications as a trusted partner that has evolved with our business over the years. Whether leading our social media content, pitching critical media or coordinating brand ambassador collaboration – you name it really, we can count on their focused diligence to bring success. We are very happy with where we are in our relationship and the direction we are heading.” – Thomas Morrison, Director of Marketing, Portacool, LLC

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