Aquariums Product Promotion


biOrb aquariums (a division of OASE) wanted to boost sales of the HALO 15 product during the holiday season, so they looked to Sunwest to increase overall awareness and promote the product as a gift.


Sunwest developed a multi-tier approach to securing holiday editorial coverage, beginning with the creation of highly visual collateral that highlighted the aquarium’s beauty and low-maintenance convenience. The Sunwest team presented the product at an exclusive editorial Holiday Gift Guide show, generating excitement and numerous requests for products to test and review. Concurrently, Sunwest developed a matte release article to ensure concise brand messaging and product features in online, daily and weekly editorial outlets.


As the Sunwest team likes to say, “The HALO 15 aquarium made a SPLASH!” Coverage was secured in densely-read publications such as Real Simple and Woman’s World as well as small newspapers from coast-to-coast. Multiple bloggers featured and reviewed the product on their sites leading up to the holiday season. The successful coverage generated a buzz on social media and garnered the excitement the client team desired.

“For several years, we’ve worked closely with the team at Sunwest Communications to help promote our DIY Water Gardening products and recently to promote our line of decorative aquariums. Melodie Elliott’s long-standing relationship with major publications has resulted in placements and acceptance of our product offerings within these various media outlets. Our trust and confidence in the Sunwest team, on a personal and professional level, has resulted in a long-lasting relationship and successful promotion of our products and brands.” – Ashley Spangler-Cobb, Director of Marketing, GeoGlobal Partners/OASE North America

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