[Webinar] Being a Leader Who Wins at Change

September 9, 2020

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Hosted by Sunwest

Given the estimated $3 trillion spent – and $2 trillion wasted – on organizational change efforts each year, how can leaders think about change differently? What do leaders at companies that win at change do vs the unsuccessful ones?

Al Comeaux finally brings an insider’s view, sharing how winning companies don’t try to get their people to change…they get their people to want to change. From getting our own hands dirty as leaders, to pulling our people through the change, and understanding the invaluable role that listening and modeling play, Al lays out how leaders can win their change efforts.

Drawing on his vast experience of living, leading, and researching change from the inside during a 30+ year career as an executive at disruptive companies like Travelocity and large, established companies like GE and American Airlines, and through scientific research and storytelling, Al weaves together a compelling and practical case for a new way of looking at organizational change that is sure to reset leaders’ mindsets about change and set them up for success.

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