Welcome Matt Garcia to the Government Affairs Practice

August 7, 2019


Hi everyone, Crayton Webb with Sunwest Communications. Really excited to welcome the newest addition to the firm, Matt Garcia, Managing Advisor of Government Affairs in our growing Government Affairs practice. Welcome to the team.

Thank you so much.

Tell everybody what your background is. How you’ve spent the last number of years of your career that brought you here.

Sure. Spent about half of my time in the public sector working for two publicly traded companies – one here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and another in the greater Tampa Bay area. And then did a complete 180 and went into the public sector and had the opportunity to work for U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions and spent almost nine years there working my way up to the Chief of Staff for Texas.

What do you do as Chief of Staff for a Congressman? What don’t you do?

Manage crises and ultimately serve the community. As you know, Congress is in session 40 weeks out of the year, so my boss was in D.C., so he relied on me to be that point person for the district to really understand the needs of the community, the needs of the business community, and all of our constituents and how we can best serve those individuals.

So we’re really excited to welcome Matt to the Sunwest family. Glad you’re here. And please don’t hesitate to call on him if we can be of assistance. Thanks so much. See you next time.