1,2,3 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

November 15, 2018


Hi, everyone welcome to Two Minutes of Advice from Sunwest I’m Crayton Webb with Sunwest Communications. Today, we’re doing a talk about search engine optimization. We had a client recently who was upset about a news story that was written about him and then he called and said, “When you Google my name, this is the only story that’s up there.” Well, that’s a common problem when you deal with SEO, or search engine optimization. So what can you do in order to get your name to bubble up, whether you’ve got a crisis situation or not? Well the first thing you can do is to begin blogging – writing blogs on your company website or even through your social media channels, giving your opinion on relevant topics to your industry, to your company, or even on current events or news. Second, use social media platforms. And particularly these days, we’re seeing a lot of success on LinkedIn, even on Instagram, and – to some degree – on Twitter. Facebook, mainly for personal use and very difficult to get corporate content out through Facebook these days without paying for it, but even taking those blog posts that you’ve written and pushing them out through social media is a great strategy. And third – and this is interesting because we rarely, when dealing with traditional media, believe that news releases in this day and age actually get more media coverage. But from a search engine optimization strategy, news releases actually can work pretty well, for either you personally, if you’re being quoted or for your corporation, making sure that on a regular basis, those are getting up. That’s two minutes of advice from Sunwest Communications. Have a great day.

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