[News] Sunwest Communications Helps the Mayor’s Task Force Achieve Its Large Mission

May 17, 2021

Collective Ambition

The mayor’s message was supported by a bevy of colleagues gathered at Pegasus Park, including his two task force co-chairs— Mandy Price, CEO of Dallas-based Kanarys, and Trey Bowles, co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of The DEC Network—and City Council Economic Development Committee Chairman Tennell Atkins.

In order to help the Mayor’s ask Force achieve its large mission, organizations such as Accenture, Sunwest Communications, and Project Mockingbird have provided pro bono work that helps Mayor Johnson to utilize both public and private collaboration in order to implement its recommendations.

Rooted in his mission, the Mayor announced that he is willing to dedicate discretionary bond funds to help support incubators and is already working on utilizing a Fair Park building as a future incubator. According to Darren L. James, president of Fair Park First, establishing this program will allow the city to “nurture and support emerging and entrepreneurial businesses in the Southern Sector.”