What Gen Zers are Looking for in the Workplace

January 29, 2019

Hi everyone, this is Shaelyn with Sunwest Communications. I started out as an intern here at this agency and I am now an account coordinator. I work on lots of different clients, everything from beauty companies and charitable foundations to motivational speakers and portrait studios. As a Gen Z’er, I’ve seen that a lot of times Gen Z and millennials get mixed up and thrown in together but we’re actually very, very different. And when I started looking for a job, I found there were three things that Gen Z’ers typically look for and really prioritize in their job hunt. Number 1: We love a company that has lots of room for professional growth. We love it when a company can sit us down even in an initial interview and show us the trajectory through the company. We’re a pretty ambitious group so this is very important to us that we always keep reaching new heights, new levels and new titles. Number 2: We are jacks of all trades so we love to have our hands in a little bit of everything throughout the company. We’re big fans when you ask us, “Would you like to try something new?” or “Would you like to take over this task or that task?” Especially if it’s something we haven’t had the chance to do before. And thirdly but certainly not last, we like to have great benefits. Mainly I’m speaking here about great starting salary and lots of generous vacation time or paid time off. Gen Z’ers highly prioritize work-life balance and we understand that while we may love our jobs, there’s a whole life outside of the office that we have to take into consideration. So to find out more about Gen Z’ers and what we look for in a workplace go visit and read more about it.

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