Engage with “Electeds”

June 10, 2019

Hi everyone, Crayton Webb, Owner and CEO of Sunwest Communications with Two Minutes of Advice from Sunwest today. Actually, probably what’ll end up being a little more than two minutes. Joining me is Kerry Tassopoulos who is Of Counsel for Sunwest in our Government Affairs area. Kerry, glad to have you join us today. Glad to have you at Sunwest. Some of you might know Kerry was actually my first boss in my last career. Want to talk a little bit about what we’ve seen in the legislature and what brands should be doing. So most legislatures have adjourned at state capitols around the country. Congress in D.C. is going on Summer break. And we’ve got 20 some odd candidates running for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

Research Proposed and Recently-Passed Laws

What exactly should brands and companies be doing right now as it relates to their government affairs efforts. Crayton, thanks for the question and thanks for the opportunity to be part of the team. I think the first thing that you need to do is understand what government can do and has done. So taking a bit of time and looking at what the legislatures or what congress have passed as new laws, and then thinking about and looking at what those candidates are proposing for new laws, new regulations, new policies that could impact your business, and really seeing what the environment looks like. So reflection. Reflection is a great term.

Don’t Stay Below the Radar

I know you hear from so many of your colleagues – and I have too – the term, or the phrase, “We would just like to stay below the radar. We don’t wanna have our elected officials know us too well.” So they’re very hesitant or reticent to get involved in government affairs. Is that a mistake? And if so, why? Well, based on my experience, I think it can be a mistake, but it also can be an opportunity. What I’ve learned is that government officials, elected officials, their staff, want to hear from their constituents. And every business is a constituent. So what a great opportunity now to go in and tell your story. “We employ this many people. We make great products. We’ve got a great brand.” And elected officials need to hear that and want to hear that.

Meet and Tell Your Story

And summer, now going into fall, a good time to do that? Is this a good opportunity? This is the perfect time. Even with elected officials in campaign mode, the opportunity for you to go in, have a calm, quiet, one-on-one conversation with the member of congress or your state representative and their staff, so they can ask the questions that they want to know about, is a perfect time to do it. I would suggest doing it between now and Labor Day, and then as the Fall continues, to be engaged and be involved. Making friends when times are good, and before you actually need them. Absolutely. So that’s Two Minutes of Advice from Sunwest Communications with Kerry Tassopoulos and Crayton Webb. Have a great day!