Execs discuss Media and Technology Impact on PR

October 1, 2018

October 1, 2018

Dallas PR executives discussed how media and technology are shaping the public relations profession with SMU students Wednesday night in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center.

“Public relations is going to become more and more of a dialogue,” Director of Communication for Toyota Motor North America Nancy Banks said. “It’s not going to be information we push out, it’s going to be information that we get and turn into usable and valuable stories.”

Crayton Webb, the CEO and Owner of Sunwest Communications and former Director of Communications for Mary Kay Cosmetics, also spoke about the impact of technology and social media on PR.

“Traditional media is still extremely powerful and social media has only made it more powerful,” Webb said.

The two speakers have over 70 years of combined experience working in communication, PR, journalism, and politics across the country. Their variety of experiences and various job positions allowed them to give broad perspectives on the future of PR.

Webb spoke about the importance of art and storytelling in society and emphasized the need for PR in the future.

“Today in society and in education, there is so much emphasis on STEM, but what we can’t lose sight of is this art and I do call it an art of storytelling,” Webb said.

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