[Video] Three Ways to Get Reporters’ Attention During a Busy News Cycle

July 29, 2020

Three Ways to Get Your Story Covered During a Crisis


TRANSCRIPT: Hi everyone. I hope this finds you safe and well. Today with our Two Minutes of Advice from Sunwest, we’re going to talk about pitching the media and actually getting their attention amidst all this other tumultuousness that’s going on around our world and in the country. The resurgence of COVID-19 cases and more deaths. The ongoing, but very necessary, continued conversations around racial equity. Still have protests in many cities going on around the country. Congress can’t seem to agree on a new bailout package. And of course, you’ve also got this little thing coming up called a presidential election in November. And of course we’re coming into some of the very heated months. So how do you get the media’s attention and get them to actually write a story about you, your brand, your organization or company. Three things we suggest that you think about today.

Hero Stories

First the media of course loves a hero story, especially right now with all the negativity. Great leadership amidst adversity is a very pitchable angle.And if you or your organization has somebody like that, or have been able to stand up above the fray among all this negativity – great pitch angle.

Surprise Success

Number two: The media also loves a surprise story. Success against the odds. Any kind of story of hope or inspiration. Your business has survived or thrived despite the threat of COVID-19 and how it directly impacted your industry – just as an example.

Reporter Relationships

And number three: We can’t ever forget that reporters are humans, right? They’re going through the same tumultuousness all of us are – the working from home, shelter-in-place, constant barrage of news and negativity. So if you take the time to invest in the relationship to reach out to a reporter – or the reporters you know – just to build a relationship and make friends when times are good without asking anything of them so that they’re teed up for your pitch when it really counts, it could go a long way.

And that’s Two Minutes of Advice today from Sunwest. Have a great day. Stay safe, be well and be kind.

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