National Food Services Company


A national food services company operates 20 branded processing facilities and 80 separate distribution centers with more than 2,000 vehicles in 20 states. Because of its scope, product mix of perishable food items and distribution to retailers and schools, the company has the potential to be subject to and impacted by negative publicity or crisis situations. To ensure preparedness in a potential crisis, the company called on Sunwest to develop a comprehensive media relations and crisis communications program.


Sunwest prepared a communications strategy and developed a procedure to process and handle the media inquiries, including those occurring during crisis situations. In addition, Sunwest serves as a spokesperson for the company, provides strategic counsel on a wide range of operating and public policy questions, and coordinates with industry associations to assure a unified message across the industry.


Sunwest has continued working with the company to provide strategic counsel and implement effective communications plans – a relationship that has spanned more than 18 years. Over the course of our partnership, Sunwest has been able to assist our client in navigating numerous potential issues in real-time, which helped them avoid major crises.

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