Internal Comms & Employee Engagement Strategy


Embarking on its fifth anniversary under the ownership of Mexican-based parent company, Arca Continental, Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages (CCSWB) sought to implement an internal celebration that would engage each facility and as many employees as possible. The impending campaign would involve the company’s more than 8,000 associates at its seven production plants and 37 distribution facilities. As a result, it had to be scalable to honor each local team that helps to serve more than 31 million consumers in CCSWB’s service region.


Sunwest developed the Recognition Road Trip (RRT) as a fun, interactive way for each CCSWB facility to highlight their work, facilities and what makes their city unique. Starting in September 2021, a 5-foot-tall Coca-Cola bottle began visiting every facility in the CCSWB region. Each facility was specifically highlighted to help the teams learn about their colleagues in other facilities, while building greater understanding of their roles and cities.

The road trip’s success hinged on Sunwest’s coordination with multiple CCSWB internal teams, including facility coordinators and the transportation team to ensure the bottle was sent to each new location on time. At each stop, local heroes left their mark with a custom sticker representing their city on the Bottle and took photos with the Bottle at key landmarks across the city. The Sunwest team collected and uploaded these photos to a dedicated interactive portion of the CCSWB website, which Sunwest had meticulously developed to follow the Bottle’s journey. Concurrently, Sunwest developed key milestone blogs and coordinated a social media campaign to highlight each stop on the RRT, while generating awareness and excitement among external audiences.


After six months, the Bottle completed its journey, which left it covered with stickers of cities across CCSWB’s territory. It met hundreds of associates and travelled over 11,000 miles across four states and more than 30 cities. Sunwest published 195 social media posts across all platforms, generating 221,000 impressions. According to Jean Claude Tissot, president of CCSWB: “This project has been an incredible representation of the true heart and spirit of CCSWB. It’s all thanks to our people and how everyone works together as a team, and I couldn’t be more grateful to work with each of them.” 

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