Traditional Media Isn’t Dead

January 1, 2019

Traditional Media is a Win, Win

We all have a story, but the question is, how do we choose to tell it? While social media is a popular way to tell your story, traditional media isn’t dead. Although newspapers are shrinking, there’s still a lot of cache if a story is placed in the local newspaper, a news station or on the radio. Not only is it a win for you, but it is a win for your clients, customers and even internal stakeholders like your boss. According to several veteran Texas journalists, there are five secrets om how to get the attention of traditional media reporters:


  1. Build a relationship, either in person or over the phone. If reporters know you, they are much more likely to give your story a chance. There is a joke that reporters are like mechanics, the better they know you, the less likely they are to give you a raw deal.


  1. The way you approach a reporter is key. Keep in mind that they are human and that they should be respected and treated politely. They are under tremendous timing pressures every single day, so remember to be persistent but polite.


  1. Exclusivity is another important thing to keep in mind. Rather than sending news releases to everyone, think of quality over quantity. If reporters know that everyone is getting the same story, they don’t want it. Feature stories are something to keep in mind, and they require more exclusivity than the news of the day.


  1. Access your leadership and give reporters access to your C-Suite. Rather than calling the advertising department, use your resources. Allow CEOs to be quotable and you will have a better chance at getting an interested reporter.


  1. Local timeliness is crucial when pitching news stories. Reporters aren’t interested in something that is not timely and does not fit in with current events. When you get a placement, make sure to post it on social media because it could turn into a national placement.

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