Rethinking Events and Media

January 1, 2019

If you’re planning an event, do NOT focus solely on the media aspect. Although media attendance is a great tool, it is not the reason for the event. There are often tight deadlines and media can cancel at the last minute. Plan your event with the target audience in mind and, if media shows up, that is the icing on the cake. Even if you are unsure the media will attend your event, have a spokesperson ready, your key messages set and visuals ready to go. Here are some tips:

Reaching the Right Audience

Although it is crucial to invite media to your event, they are not the target audience. They are there to help you reach your target audience. Your target audience is in the room, so your focus should be on them and their needs. Even if they cannot attend, invitations and a follow-up are a great way to spread your key messages.

Leveraging Your Event

The point of an event is to start a dialogue with your target audience, which includes those who attend and are absent. Make sure to take plenty of photos, videos and quotes from attendees for social media and internal communications. Be creative and find ways to reach your target audience in a meaningful way. The main purpose is to get your key message out to your target audiences.

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