Reading the Newspaper Became an Anticipated Part of My Daily Routine

September 30, 2019

By Caroline Hazelbaker

I sit at the front desk in our office, which not only houses me, but the daily copy of the local newspaper. Every morning, I walk by it, glance at the headlines, maybe flip it over to see the pictures on the front page, then sit down and begin my day without looking at it again. A couple of weeks ago I was challenged to read the newspaper—both the print and online edition – and blog about my experience.  I did not think there would be much to write about other than feeling more aware of what was happening in the world. Instead, it was a much more impactful experience.

Reading the Newspaper

Being the youngest in the office, my coworkers got a kick out of walking by my desk and seeing me reading the paper because it definitely did not fit the mold of the typical young person. As I spent the next week reading the print newspaper and scanning the online version, I formed opinions and thoughts about the process that were genuinely surprising. Reading the paper became a relaxing morning ritual. It helped wake up my brain in the mornings in a way that was both leisurely, but also stimulating and informative.

Online v. Print

Surprisingly, I enjoyed reading the physical copy more than the online edition. I was confident I would like the online edition better because, well, I am a 22-year-old girl who is living in the digital age. Naturally, that must mean I am a “technology guru.” I appreciate that the print edition is only sent out once a day—meaning, unlike the website that is updated in real time, the print edition is complete by the time you receive it. Personally, I do not enjoy an information overload, and I often felt overwhelmed by stories and articles when I would read the online newspaper.

While some stories are better told when a minute-by-minute report is given, such as a shooting, natural disaster, election, etc., I like that I got a comprehensive rundown of the news in the next day’s paper. For example, there’s a high-profile case being tried in Dallas right now and it is exciting that I can follow it by reading the news. Plus, now there is a fun, suspenseful element added to the story because I know there may be new details to read in the morning.

Professional Development

Knowing what is happening around the state, country and world better prepares me to do my job. As an intern, I try and soak up everything and learn as much as I can about our clients and what they do, as well as what we do for them. Reading the news and learning about real estate, politics, consumer goods, etc., has helped me understand more about the greater narrative around our clients. I learn about what is newsworthy, what customers like, what innovations are being introduced by companies—all of which are things that a PR firm should care about.