Government Relations…Three Pieces of Advice

March 11, 2019

Politics is in the air. Candidates have begun to line up for the 2020 presidential race and are making headlines. At this time of the year, state lawmakers go to the State Capital, the State House, to meet for legislative sessions on a statewide level. This goes from January through May, and in some areas like California, they meet all year round. Sometimes, a piece of legislation that is filed can have an adverse effect on a company’s business. What can you do to prepare?

Make Connections Now

One of the most important things you can do is to make friends when times are good. Once you have developed a relationship, it is much easier to move forward. If a bill has been filed that negatively impact a company’s business, it is easier to have a conversation with your state representative or senator if you already have a relationship. When the legislative session is not going on, it is the perfect time to build a strong relationship with lawmakers. It’s as simple as going to the State Capitol and introducing yourself without asking for anything.

Be Aware of Win-Win Opportunities

Some think they shouldn’t bother lawmakers or that they don’t have anything to tell them. If you think about it, initiating dialogue with a lawmaker could be a win-win. Because you pay taxes and have a business, a lawmaker may want to tour your facility. This gives them a chance to tell their constituents in their monthly newsletter that they visited you and made a connection. Growing your network is always beneficial, especially if you start to add lawmakers to the list.

Lobby for a Cause

Great companies often have a corporate social responsibility and they are focused on giving back. If you implement selfless lobbying, you can empower employees to help society. This is another way to make friends with lawmakers before you need them. Think of the bigger picture and find a way to make connections that will benefit you later on.

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