From Likes to Insights: Sunwest’s Best Social Media Moments of 2023

January 2, 2024

Social Media Insights from 2023

In the world of social media, Sunwest Communications had its fair share of hits. We are taking a trip down memory lane to revisit a few posts that increased engagement. From eye-catching graphics to humorous videos, each post played a role in our digital story. Join us as we break down what worked, why it worked and how these moments shape our 2024 goals.


With Facebook being as versatile as it is, we had the opportunity to experiment with various types of content on the platform. We found the most success with posts that struck a balance between professionalism and a peek inside the agency. We worked hard to turn our audience into active participants of life at Sunwest.


On Instagram, posts featuring behind the scenes glimpses of our team in the field and agency life resonated the most. It is no surprise that on the app created to be a photo focused platform, most of the top 10 posts were in fact – photos! Instagram is also one of the platforms that many of the friends and families of #Sunwesters follow and engage with whenever their loved ones appear on their feed.


LinkedIn saw success with posts highlighting professional development, industry expertise and community engagement. Our goal with most posts on LinkedIn was, and will continue to be, content that connects with our audience on a personal level while still showcasing Sunwest as a source for valuable insight and counsel.

X, Formerly Known as Twitter

In the fast-paced world of X (Twitter), our top-performing tweets were videos that combined timely relevance with a dash of public relations expertise. Whether we were sharing insights about the industry, introducing a team member and their skillset or bringing awareness to a cause close to our hearts, these videos were in line with X’s aim to evolve beyond its origins and activate conversations in a global marketplace.

Reflecting on these successes, the common thread is clear – understand the audience of each platform, tailor content for maximum engagement and offer valuable insight. The lessons learned from some of our most successful posts help to set the stage for the goals we are setting in 2024. From deeper community engagement to exploring new content horizons, our commitment to excellence remains. If you need experts to analyze and strategize your social media plans for 2024, let’s talk. We are firm believers that #reputationmatters – especially when it comes to social media!