Should You Use AI?

June 7, 2023


It’s one of the biggest topics of conversation this year: artificial intelligence – and, more specifically, ChatGPT’s meteoric rise to fame.

With AI’s quick rise to popularity, everybody seems to be asking the same two questions:

Should I use AI?
Here is a brief list of considerations as you and your organization consider dipping your toe into the overwhelming world of AI.

• Do your research. Similar to when you research current events and news, it’s always important to view more than one source. While ChatGPT can write most content at lightning speed, it’s always good to double-check it against another resource to make sure that all the facts are accurate and current.

• Don’t utilize AI-generated text word for word. That’s just blatant plagiarism (just ask Microsoft). There have been numerous instances of AI-produced text including mistakes, inaccuracies, and, in some cases, inappropriate verbiage.

• In general, it’s best to proceed with caution when it comes to new technology. AI has opened a new world for the general public – and there are new advances being made on these platforms every day. It’s important to stay on top of how the technology works to ensure you’re using it correctly and appropriately.

Will those who write for a living be replaced by AI?
We believe a resounding “no” is the response to the end of all writers and creators. As we always say, if you’re hiring a PR agency just to write news releases and Tweets, you might not need a PR agency. That’s because our best asset is the advice and counsel we offer based on our experience.

The bottom line is simple: AI tools like ChatGPT should be thought of as new tools in the proverbial toolbox that you should certainly leverage. But ultimately, nothing replaces the power of human experience, discernment, and storytelling.