Adjust your CSR Plan During COVID-19

March 31, 2020

Three ways to Adjust your CSR Plan During COVID-19

nurse with face maskWhat should your company’s CSR plan look like during COVID-19? The pandemic has changed the world as we know it. What will a new normal look like?

As the crisis continues, the critical needs throughout the country are changing rapidly – and your organization’s CSR plan should be adjusted accordingly. Each day brings new challenges and information that will determine how we decide to take the next steps. Remember that your efforts will continue into the recovery phase after the crisis ends. From a corporate perspective, consider the below strategies when thinking through what your company’s CSR plan should look like during the coronavirus.

Look Internally

Your employees are an indispensable part of your company and its success, so it’s important to make sure you’re supporting them as best you can. When considering what your CSR plan should look like during COVID-19, it’s important to keep in mind that some of the best corporations and brands are being innovative in their planning. For example, many companies are supporting their employees by making resources available for homeschooling and providing general health and wellness tips to manage stress, which keeps their employees both happy and healthy.

Consider Your Community Impact

When thinking about what your company’s CSR plan should look like during a crisis, there is one approach you must keep top of mind: the philanthropic impact. Whether through volunteerism or monetary donations, organizations across the globe have been generous when giving to crisis funds during this time of need. Another unique way to impact the community is through thought-leadership pieces that you can disseminate on social media, which will ultimately help build your brand’s reputation and show that you’re really putting thought into giving back to the community.

Support the Frontline

Healthcare workers continue to put their lives at risk each day to help those who have been directly affected by the coronavirus. Because of their sacrifice, they are facing issues such as hunger, housing, and childcare needs. When considering what your company’s CSR plan should look like, keep in mind the healthcare workers in your area and identify their unique needs. How can you help them so they are better able to provide the care so many desperately need?

Resiliency is key and will play a huge role in when and how we recover. This is one of the most challenging situations we have faced in our lifetime and the world will be altered in the process, which is why it’s important to reevaluate your company’s CSR plan. Until we find the light at the end of the tunnel and reemerge more resilient than ever, take time to thank your healthcare workers and help those who need it most in your community.

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