Our Team

SPOTLIGHT: Charlotte Brown

Charlotte Brown is our next Sunwest Spotlight! Charlotte has been the agency’s office manager for 12 years. She uses her creative and organizational skills to keep everything and everyone running smoothly at Sunwest.

Strength: Creativity

Weakness: Chips & Salsa

Favorite Pastime: Being creative with my stamps, inks and paper. I like to see the finished project come alive!

If I could travel back in time to any decade, it would be
the 60’s. As a child, I was able to grow up playing outside and riding my bike until dark without any of the issue’s parents worry about today. I got to be a kid!

I’m happiest when I’m spending time with my grandsons and my high school carpool friends
(the sisters I never had)!

Best Part of Working at Sunwest: The bond we have with each other that makes coming to work like being with your family all day…and we are family!